Friday, March 14, 2008

Soon and very soon

Well, it is two weeks till I leave on my next adventure. For the past two weeks I have been clambering around the hills of Cairns in hot sticky and sometimes wet weather in order to get "fit" for China. I haven't actually lost any weight but strangely after two weeks of doing the Red Arrow I feel that it is slightly getting easier. I tried the Blue Arrow once and couldn't walk for the next five days (my calf muscles were like concrete) so haven't gone near it again but will in the next couple of days.

Why all this fitness? I would like to do the walk into Tiger Leaping Gorge which by all accounts is a monster of a walk. Hopefully I can do it because there has been alot of snow in China this year and I am a bit worried that I may not be able to do the high track.

So with two weeks to go I am as organised as I can be. All I need to do is a bit more walking and hill climbing!!!