Saturday, June 28, 2008

Yichang to the Yangtze River Cruise

Up to go to the supermarket to buy more noodles for the boat cruise along the Yangtze. Apparently one cannot predict what standard the food will be till you get on the boat. Breakfast was at the Beaner coffee place that was western in nature and had big comfortable chairs. We then walked across the big bridge that crosses the Yangtze. It was very foggy and the views were a bit limited but spectacular and mystical. Walked across with Whitney, Neil, Steve and John. Met up with Gail and John at the beginning of the bridge and walked back together to the hotel to check out. Back to KFC for lunch again and then back to the hotel to catch a bus to the Yangtze which was about 1 1/2 hours away. It was foggy and raining and we cant see much. We pull up to see the Three Gorges Dam but can't see a thing. But take photos to say that that is where it is meant to be. A bit further down the road we get off the bus and head down to our boat for the next two days. The boat is a bit old and run down but sufficient. Again the shower has stagnant water and shoes are required to go into the bathroom. Sat up till 11pm watching Chinese Karaoke then off to bed with earplugs in.