Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beijing to Kunming

29/3/08 Saturday

Awoke to a cold and misty, foggy, smoggy Beijing. I'm not going to see the city this time. Caught a taxi to Beijing airport. This driver had no English at all...not even numbers. Waited at the airport for ages as I didn't know how long it would take to get to the airport in daylight hours. Got through checking with no worries and then to the gate for another wait. Beijing airport is very cold, as it is outside. The flight was with Air China in an old 757 with old style seats. My seat was broken so I sat basically facing the window as the back of the seat was lop-sided. I think there were three other non Chinese people on the packed flight. The guy beside me was trying to read pride and prejudice in English but I couldn't get a conversation out of him. Arrived in Kunming, got a taxi with no worries to the Camellia "hotel". Found a couple of Aussie guys and went out for dinner with them. Had peppered duck, some garlic bread and spring rolls.