Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lijiang to Tiger Leaping Gorge

Today was the day that I was most worried about. Don't get me wrong...I really want to climb Tiger Leaping Gorge, it just that I am not sure I can climb Tiger Leaping Gorge! Left Lijiang at 7.30am after breakfast. It was a three hour bus trip to the gorge in a bus owned and driven by a big Chinese woman and her skinny husband. At a toilet break she wanted my pants because she can't buy big pants in China. Mine - not for sale!! Continued on bitumen roads to the beginning of the gorge walk. The weather is very hot and windy. Walked through a tunnel and we were on our way - the point of no return. It was a bit disturbing to walk past bamboo stretchers as we went through the tunnel.

For the next three hours and 11km over a gentle incline but steady incline none the less we walked. I did ok and kept up well but the last bit was straight up hill to Tina's guesthouse and that did me in totally. The altitude totally sucks it out of you. Sweet, our local guide had to take my backpack. Finally made it to Tina's guesthouse short of breath but OK. No new major aches and pains, just the old horse riding pains. Spent rest of afternoon sitting around eating and drinking. Whitney and Dawn entertained on the guitair. At night (9.30pm) we did some Naxi dancing but it was rather repetative and boring so I went to bed. Still very windy and the whistling of the wind was very noisey so ear plugs in for and OK sleep.