Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kunming day 2


Up early AGAIN and had breakfast with Dawn and then she and I went for a walk and almost made it to the Green lake again when (a) we couldn't really find it and (b) we were sick of trying to find it so we went back to the hotel to check out. Did some internet and then went to Walmart and got some moisturiser and some snacks for the train trip tonight. Walmart was a big store but sort of like the warehouse here. Afternoon was spent with Steve and John snacking at little restaurants trying to fill in time till 9.30pm when we to meet again to catch a taxi to the train station. Train station was very modern and clean. We were ushered onto the train before the locals which was great because they basically stampede the train. The guys put our luggage into the racks and we slept with our valuables. The beds were hard and narrow but still managed to get some sleep thanks to earplugs. I had Neil and Dawn above me in the three high bunk arrangement. It was a new exciting experience and slightly funny.