Saturday, June 28, 2008



Up and had breakfast with Steve and John from last night. Then, off for a walk to the Green lake and Bird and Flower market. Attempted to find the market first but just couldn't find it so moved onto finding the lake. Found the stagnant "green" lake. It was OK but did have an aroma of stagnation. Left there and attempted to find the markets again and found them where we were this morning. Perhaps they weren't set up when we were there earlier. Brought two pairs of earrings that appear silver but I doubt it (20 Yuan each). Tried a bit of Steve's 'rat' kebab. Very spicy..too spicy, then more walking to the city square to have an ice-cream. Back to the Camellia hotel to meet new room mate who is on the same trip as me. Then at 6pm met the rest of the group; 1 Canadian, 2 couples from oz, 2 girls from the states, 1 NZ'er, Steve, John and I. Developed stomach pains at beginning of debrief at the restaurant which developed quickly in to diarrhoea. Two tablets later and a bit of a rest and I was feeling a lot better. Didn't have dinner that night.