Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dali day 2

Decided last night not to go on bike ride today with the rest of the group. I am too sore and bruised from the horse ride fall so stayed in bed till 9am then walked to the three pagoda's which would have been 5km from the hostel. The weather was hot and dry. I have very cracked lips that the lip balm is not fixing. Took a tuk tuk type motorbike back to the hostel which cost 5 Yuan. Brought some banana and headed back to the hostel. Could not find the place where you can take a photo of the Three Pagoda's without paying 120 Yuan despite walking around the entire wall. Very disappointing. It started to rain and get very cold so went back to the markets in old Dali and brought a polar fleece replica (and got ripped off again!). Sat on the hostel balcony for the rest of the afternoon reading my newly acquired book waiting for the rest of the gang to return from their cycling trip. Eventually they did, cold and wet at about 5.30pm. Decided to eat two minute noodles in room and a banana for dinner then went out and got some more water, a snickers and some cucumber chip (which I brought by mistake - I was wanting the onion chips).