Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another blocked drain

Up early - drowned the shower due to a blocked drain. Most places have had bad showers and hard beds. Have had a room to myself for the last three nights and I have enjoyed it alot. Off to catch the bus at 7.40am to return to Kunming. It is a nine hour trip. The scenery doesn't change. Just a mixture of hills and fields fill of soy, rice or broad beans. Surprisingly I haven't felt travel sick at all on this trip despite stale smoke smell and a man in the back seat constantly coughing and hoicking out the back window - probably TB!.

Arrived back in Kunming at 5pm. Decided to wash some clothes but just about clogged the sink because of all the dirt from the gorge walk. Decided not to have 'over the bridge noodles' with the rest of the group and had a yummy pizza for dinner in my room watching the Chinese news.