Saturday, June 28, 2008

The last post

This is it...the last day in China. I am due to fly out at 9pm so a long time to wait. Had arranged with Neil to take him to the Silk Markets in the morning so had to get out of bed early. Had trouble getting a taxi (no Steve, that why). It seemed to take for ever and it was raining. Eventually got there but had to walk about a block and negotiate an underpass but got there. He picked out what he wanted and I did the bargaining. It worked quite well. Got back to the hotel just before 12 as that was the check out time. I did try to keep my room till six but it wasn't happening so had to fill in time on the Internet, reading and eating. Got too bored so at 4pm I went to the airport. At least there is more to do there. I got a taxi with no trouble but it seemed like he had never been to the airport before...not too sure what was going on there. Was very disappointed with the duty free and departure area at Beijing. I know that the airport has only been open a month but there is nowhere to buy a bottle of water and only one eating place that is a full on eating place. My plane left on time and I enjoyed not having someone in front of me on the plane and the plane appeared to be fairly new and clean (compared to the China ones). I arrived back in Cairns and was picked up by Kris and Amie which was quite cool. Not use to that sort of reception.

It was a good holiday. Physically challenging especially after having a horse fall on me. Best parts...definitely Tiger Leaping Gorge, The warriors and the Wall but the company was also really great.