Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Awoke early and read my book till Dawn woke. She said Happy Birthday when she woke up which was nice. Stayed in room till about 12. Some of the group had gone on the little Three Gorges tour but I choose to sleep in (they left at 7.30am). Had noodles from a paper container for lunch then stood on the front of the boat watching the scenery and taking photos. Spent some time in my room but generally just chilling. At 5pm we met for drinks to celebrate my birthday and had some red wine. Eric gave me a bottle of red wine. Eric sang karaoke happy birthday for me in English and Chinese and kept repeating to me 'you get prettier each day'...what does that mean? After that we climbed what seemed like 100 steps to have dinner. Dinner was hot Sichuan style with lots of chili and Sichuan peppers. Very nice but hot. Back on the boat and Eric taught us how to play marjong till about 11.30pm. A great birthday with lots of hugs and kisses. Very special day.