Saturday, June 28, 2008

Li River and another train trip

Up early again to go on the Li river cruise. Still hot and humid and a bit foggy, though I think it is now also smog. Had a 30min mini bus ride to the boat and then a 2hr boat ride down and up the river. Very pleasant. We sat on the bow of the boat and just took photo after photo. There were no stops along the way and we made it back to the hostel at about 11.30am and had a shower and checked out. Had KFC for lunch and then wandered till about 4.30pm then back to the hostel to catch a bus to Guilin railway station. The train left at 7.30pm to Wuhan. This train was more comfortable than the last one. I could hardly stay awake so went to bed early with my ear plugs in but woke up often either hot or cold or hot again but so did everyone so I think it was the trains aircon.