Saturday, June 28, 2008

Its all up hill from here!

Woke at 8.30am. Some of the group went to the middle gorge which by all accounts was a horrendous up hill grind back to the guesthouse. Four of us decided not to do it. It took them about 2 hours to get down to the gorge and back up again and they all complained when they got back about how hard it was. We sat around for ages waiting for our 2pm departure. Some of the group already have blisters but my feet are fine. 2om comes and Sweet takes my backpack right from the beginning of the walk. I am stuffed at the first bend. How am I going to make it!! but most of the group looked like they were struggling and having lots of stops. For the next two hours it is straight up hill with no relief apart from brief stops to get some oxygen. Steve and Sweet encouraged me along. The views were spectacular and the accent very noticeable and really fast. Reached the top and took some photos. From this point on it was fairly flat and curving around the mountain side. A very pleasant end to a hard climb. Arrived at the halfway house at about 5.30pm and we sat around recovering then went to our rooms. My room looks out over the gorge and has an amazing view, just breath taking. People would pay huge money for this view. Had dinner as a group, garlic baba's and banana pancakes tend to be a big hit. Off to bed at about 9pm.