Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Great Wall of China - the last test of endurance

Awake at 6am for a 6.30am departure for the Great Wall of China. It was a three hour bus trip to the Samatai section of the wall. Slept some of the way as feeling a bit nauseated due to the smell of sweet bread (same thing happened in Africa!). Arrived at the bottom of the hill where the Great Wall looked like it was at the top of a mountain range and a long way up. Took the chair lift some of the way up the hill and then what they called the 'mini train' a bit more of the way up the top but still had a walk to get to the wall itself. Kim, Andrew and I started at tower 5 and walked slowly all the way to tower 12 which was as far as we could go on this section. We made it in time to spend some time with the rest of the group at the top which was great. Coming down was hard on the knees and thighs and Andrew, Kim and I decided to go down the way we came up (I have a blood clot remember...I have an excuse!). Had a three hour trip back, slept some more and arrived back at the hotel at about 3pm. Mucked around and did some emails etc till it was time to go out for our last meal together which was Peking duck. After dinner we went to the 6th floor bar for some nibbles and drinks. Some of the group had had a lot of rice wine. In bed at about 11pm.