Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Yangtze continues, then Fengdu and Chongquin

Awoke early because an ear plug had fallen out and I could hear the PA system. Stayed in bed for a bit longer then decided to get the diary up to date which took a bit of time. Had noodles for lunch again and packed to disembark by 2pm. Arranged for a porter to carry my bag up the 225 steps (yep..I counted them). She was half my size or less maybe but hey, I'm on holiday. The cost was 10 yuan which is about $1.20 but I paid her a bit more than 10 yuan because I felt sorry for her. We got into some small minivans then across the river to the new Fengdu. Over 1.1 million people have been relocated because of the Yangtze river which still has 20m to rise because of the soon to be completed Three Gorges Dam. Off the minibuses and onto a semi modern bus for a three hour trip to Chongquin. Arrived at the hotel which is the nicest yet but has a see through shower so that people in the living area can watch you shower which is very disturbing. At 8.15 we went for Dinner with Eric to experience 'hot pot'. They had tamed it down so there was a chili and non chili option but the chili was not to hot so had that. Ate alot, then back to the hotel for a great sleep.